Sitting with My Demons
I spent my entire Sunday sitting with my Demons. And it made me a better person today. 

My demons worked hard to tell me that taking downtime meant that I was lazy. I could feel the disdain of my maternal grandparents as I argued with my demons that my body and mind were tired and needing rest. A day without work. Without tasks. Without expectations. 

Those demons were loud. "How can you be successful if you sit there doing nothing?". 

"You are never going to achieve your goals being lazy"

"Who do you think you are just leaving your house in this state -- what will people think if they see it?"

"Just get up and do a couple things -- you will feel better and won't have wasted the entire day"

"There are a LOT of tasks on that to-do list and they won't get themselves done!"

All these demons, picking away at my brain -- telling it that my body was lying to me and was really just a layabout. That my body is lazy, in need of strong action to get it moving. 

But my body whispered, "I just want to be." 

So I put my coaching hat on and asked my demons where did they feel the feelings they were shouting at me? Where in life did they learn the lesson that rest was lazy and that doing something, anything, would make an exhausted body feel better.

They didn't like the questions and the messages just got louder, as if maybe I wasn't hearing them enough to take action. My demons demanded action to feel fulfilled and no amount of meditation, of oneness, of being, suited their agenda. 

My body just smiled and said I will be stronger if you let me rest. 

My demons howled with laughter. HOW can you be stronger if you sit around doing nothing. 

Then my body said "But I am not doing nothing. I am being. And being is my most profound answer to your loud, abrasive action. Being is what makes me strong. Being is like plugging me in to the universal energy charger. "

And now, exhausted by their endless fidgeting, their yelling, their aggression towards my being body, they slumped down frustrated and finally fell asleep. My body just smiled and said to them all "being is what you all need to do as well. it is truly the only way to change the world."

It was interesting watching my demons get more and more riled up bymy body's revolutionary act of being. The quieter she got, the louder their messages of societal disdain became. Lazy. Failure. Wicked. Slothful. Unsuccessful. Pathetic.  All these weapons of busyness were thrown at my body. 

But she quietly remained being in her space and I with her. The laundry remained undone. The dishes are dirty in the sink. The dusting was left for another day. The garden remained unweeded. We practiced being in a fundamental space of no expectations. Of quiet. Of pondering. Of stillness.

Now this morning, my body smiled at me and said "Thank you - let's go out and conquer the world. I am ready" 

What do your demons say to you when you honour your body and rest?

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