Coming back to the blog
Well, it certainly has been a while since I have written a blog post. 

 I am not even apologetic about it! I have really come to learn that thinking "you can do it all" either leads to shoddy work on everything, or intense stress trying to do a quality job on too many fronts.  I am now very conscious of the amount of work I commit to and have promised myself that I will do what feels right, what doesn't feel like "work" and what fuels my passion. My desire to write a blog post has to come from a moment of passion for living that i want to share with you and not a sense of obligation and a post is due. 

And this morning, as I was chatting about how March kicked my butt and laid me out on the couch to really learn the lesson of listening to my body,i I realized that I have created a couple new, small habits that have helped me in my wellness journey. Suddenly, I wanted to share them with you. 

The first habit I have adopted, and really become solid with, is always having drinking water by my side, no matter where I am. I now ALWAYS have a water tumbler with me around the house, on a walk, in the car, at a dog show, or anywhere else I might find myself. 

I find, now that I have been giving my body all the water it needs, that I am always craving it. I NOTICE my thirst now. 

I set my goal at drinking approximately 4 litres of water per day and use some lovely Young Living flavour boosters to help me get it all down. It started off hard and I peed a LOT, but now it is easy to get that much in and I don't have to go to the bathroom as often. 

The second small habit I have adopted this month is intentional breaks between tasks. 

I am a very focused person and can get completely consumed by a project I am working on -- this leads to overworking and self-induced stress. So now I will work on something for an hour and then stop.......done or not. And shift my focus to something else. I may or may not go back to the first task later in the day but I am getting better about leaving things undone and take a mental and physical break. 

This one is the harder of the two habits to practice as I have been trained my entire life to finish what I start and to focus intensely on what I am doing. So it is a work in progress and I use some tech help (like my watch telling me it's time to stand) to help me practice. 

What habits have you recently added to your life? 

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