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From Emotions to Natural Cleaning, these weekly wellness classes are geared at our whole life. Making small differences across the spectrum of living makes creating a new lifestyle easy, affordable, and sustainable.

The LIVE schedule is hosted at New Perspective Oilers, our private and supportive Facebook group and presented via ZOOM.

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If you can't join LIVE events, recordings of our Wellness Classes are hosted this website so you can watch whenever you have time.  Try this one!

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Team Perspective is looking for a few motivated individuals to live and share a healthier lifestyle.
Retirement can have more purpose than pickle ball and potlucks.

You still have so much to give and, let's be honest, you are still ambitious and excited by new challenges! So if the idea of more purpose to your days, a schedule you design and more income excites you, then this is the opportunity for you!!!

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The Sovereign Living Summit 

Do you find it difficult to keep your stress under control?
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Not Your Average Lives
Host Laurie Wright
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Juggling Without Balls
Host Monica Parkin
Season 2, Episode 3 is out!
This week I am delighted to feature Christina Rozema from New Wellness Perspective with a powerful episode that may just save your life! 

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Wellness is a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual ways of being. 

No part stands in isolation

Hi, I am Christina Rozema

A little about me 
My passion is helping mature women achieve the body, mind and financial wellness we crave! 

After many years of prioritizing everything except myself, I had a health crisis that forced me to rethink everything I thought about looking after myself.

I found that I wanted a schedule that I controlled, income rewards based on my effort not some random pay schedule, and I wanted to feel like my work improved my health and the health of the people I met.

That is when I found Young Living.  

You can create a life that honours your physical and mental health at the same time as it honours your financial health.