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My Mission 

Bringing you the most current and relevant information on topics that are important to you. Whether you are seeking career advice as a mid-level healthcare leader or looking to improve the overall wellness of your life. 

The Middle --  curated news, information and support for mid-level Healthcare Leaders.

You are the doers, the implementers, the innovators, and the front line of management in hospitals, community health, mental health, and support services. 

You are the face the families and patients see when things don't go well. You are the face of change that the staff see when system changes big and small are engaged. 

This newsletter will help you refocus on what is important -- YOU!  And by doing that, you will become a better, healthier and happier leader.  

The Wellness News --  monthly tips, products, recipes, and hacks to help you live a life of wellness

Each month, the Wellness News is loaded with product ideas that can help you and your family find a better balance towards wellness. 

Recipe ideas, tips on lifestyle changes and additions, and the most current listings of education opportunities fill this newsletter. 

If you are overwhelmed by the choices out there and want to find information you can trust. If you care about the planet and want products that do as well, then this newsletter is for you!