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Working in a fast-paced leadership role in health care has presented many challenges for me. The stressors and sedentary lifestyle of being a leader, under time pressures and often at a desk all day to get to all the work, has led to poor habits and coping. Working with Chris has helped me to become my own best advocate.  Being consistent around my personal needs and attending to my own health will ultimately make me a better leader. Many of us in these roles are not the types who ask for help.  Waiting until it is to late is not ok. I would like to see the stigma of this change.  Chris has supported me in my mediation journey, my newfound passion for the adventures in Sourdough, coaching me to strategize on how to show up in a healthier manner, and most importantly‚Ķthat I matter. My well-being both mentally and physically are what will propel me forward.  It has been incredibly rewarding to have Chris help me vision my goals, I am excited for my future and to put this in to place. Thank you Chris, much love. "                          GJ - Hospital Units Manager

               I used to get frustrated and angry and annoyed. You've helped me realize that it's not me, it's them.  I'm holding them accountable and they don't like it. It's such a relief not to own their shit anymore"     AM - New Supervisor.

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