Team Perspective

Putting Wellness and Abundance 
on our Must Have List

I didn't come to Young Living easily.   I bought a kit in 2017 and used it sporadically -- never enough to see any benefit and ultimately just stopped using it. My account became inactive twice and I had to reinstate it. Then, in the summer of 2020 , I had a stress-induced heart attack at work!

I was in total denial of how the stress of my work was affecting me and finally the Universe said "Enough" and sent me something so profound that I couldn't ignore it.I have spent the last year re-evaluating everything, listening to podcasts, reading, meditating, searching for a way to both heal by body and open a path forward. And then I needed to be realistic about how returning to my old job could actaully jeopardize my life.

So I started a Young Living business --  it has the ethics I value, and the products I adore. My physical health is improving but more importantly my mental health is the best it has been for years. I am optimistic again. I am energized again. I am excited again.

If you are looking for an opportunity to direct your own life, to start something great that you have control over, let's talk about the Young Living opportunity and how it can change your world like it has changed mine!

See why this could be the path you have been looking for. You will never regret the investment of your time to find out!

Information courtesy of Christina Rozema