I help women reclaim their wellness and sense of themselves through education, mastering mindset, and putting themselves first.

After 20 years in healthcare, I know how hard it is to prioritize yourself in the constant busyness of everyday life.
My Background

I live on a small farm outside of Campbell River, BC with my husband Gerry. Our life revolves around our family, our dogs, our work, our community and our beekeeping.  

I have worked in the non-profit and healthcare fields for 20+ years in a variety of leadership roles. I develop strong, authentic teams that can lead organizations forward, supporting teams and leaders in their development, successfully delivering complicated projects, and ensuring that change is rooted in shared values. 

In all things work and life, I am a people-first person.

I bought my first essential oils starter kit from Young Living in 2017. I was in a busy leadership  position at my local hospital — very stressful and I loved it. I didn’t use the kit much — the occasional diffusing when I struggled  to relax.  Then in 2020 - amidst the first phase of COVID — I had a stress-induced heart attack. My body was done with the relentless stress and I was not listening so it sent me a message I could not ignore.

I re-learned how to relax, deal with stress, heal my body and put myself first

In researching which oils I needed and how best to use them, I developed a passion to help people understand how powerful this wellness support I realized how many of my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances were struggling with the same stressful and unhealthy lifestyles.

I began a daily meditation practice to begin to retrain my body and a mindset shift practice to reframe my experience —putting me back in control of my reality and at the same time learning to surrender the outcomes.  My oils were the key to giving me a new wellness perspective and allowing me to really get honest with myself.

Then I discovered that by simply helping other women find this same peace and health, I could  earn an income! So Team Perspective began. I knew that this was where my passion was and that I wanted to be involved with a robust team of women all living our best possible lives.

I believe that self-care is the fundamental mindset that women MUST embrace in order to lead a fulfilling life. 
The problem is - this mindset is counter to how many social messages portray a woman's life.

Wellness Starts With YOU!
I help Women change their lives!
  • Challenge the Mindset that Keeps you Where you Are At
  • Know Wellness is a Holistic Event
  • Essential Oils and Mindfulness Will Move Your Mountains
  • Know Putting Your First Means You Will be MORE Available for Others
Are you ready to change your life?