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when loss and sadness arrive

Essential oils and Grief
Why Essential Oils Work to Process Grief
The limbic system is a complex network of structures in the brain that is involved in emotion, behavior, motivation, and memory. Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing volatile aroma compounds from plants, and they are often used in aromatherapy for various therapeutic purposes, including emotional well-being.

When it comes to the limbic system and essential oils, the olfactory system plays a crucial role. The olfactory system is closely connected to the limbic system, and the sense of smell can have a powerful impact on emotions and memories. 

Here's how essential oils may work with the limbic system to help with grief and sadness:

  1. Olfactory Pathway: When you inhale the aroma of essential oils, the molecules in the oils stimulate the olfactory receptors in your nose. These receptors send signals to the olfactory bulb, which is part of the limbic system.
  2. Limbic System Activation: The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, which are key components of the limbic system. The amygdala is particularly involved in processing emotions, including fear and pleasure. The hippocampus is associated with memory formation and retrieval.
  3. Emotional Response: Essential oils can evoke emotional responses and influence mood through the stimulation of the limbic system. Certain scents may trigger positive emotions, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. This is why specific essential oils are often chosen for their calming or uplifting properties.
  4. Grief and Sadness Relief: Essential oils with calming and grounding properties are commonly used to help alleviate grief and sadness. Examples include lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and frankincense. These oils are believed to have a soothing effect on the mind and emotions, promoting relaxation and easing emotional distress.
  5. Personal Associations: In addition to the direct impact on the limbic system, essential oils may also create positive associations. If you use a particular oil during a time of comfort or relaxation, your brain may associate that scent with positive emotions, providing a comforting and familiar aroma during challenging times.
It's important to note that while some individuals may find relief from grief and sadness through aromatherapy with essential oils, it is not a substitute for professional mental health care. If you or someone you know is experiencing significant emotional distress, it's advisable to seek the guidance of a mental health professional. Additionally, individual responses to essential oils can vary, and what works for one person may not work the same way for another.

 Seasonal Allergies
when you want to go outside but pollen, dust and mould keep you in
The LLP Solution
These three Essential Oils can help you outside
Allergy sufferers - what YL faves do you reach for this time of year?! 

Over the years, soooo many of you have dropped by to say how much you loveee the allergy bomb or LLP. Let’s get all your best oily allergy tips in one place.

LLP // Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint will help you enjoy being outside when the seasons change! Pop it in a roller or into capsules so you can have fun in the great outdoors! 10 drops of each into a 10ml roller bottle and top with carrier oil of choice....roller onto throat and hairline.

One of my fave trios to diffuse - lemon, lavender, and peppermint - smells like a spa and AWESOME for the change of seasons and breathing easy!

The MSM Solution
This organic sulphur supplement helps your immune fight back
Young Living has an incredible supplement called Sulfurzyme, which contains an organic form of dietary Sulfur called methylsulfonylmethane or MSM. MSM has been clinically studied to help alleviate allergic rhinitis when taken consistently, and does not produce the same side effects as other common substances used to control these issues! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6293242/

Sulfurzyme Powder is a delicious powder you can add to beverages. Each ½ tsp of Sulfurzyme powder provides 2.2g of MSM, NingXia Wolfberry powder, and soluble fiber called Fructooligosaccharides. The most DELICIOUS way to take Sulfurzyme powder is to add ½ tsp to 1-2oz NingXia Red, 2-3 drops of Lime Vitality, and fill the rest of your bottle with water! SO YUMMY - you’ll start to crave it every day and LOVE how you feel!

when you need help catching your breath, slowing your thoughts, and supporting your brain
Vacation in a Bottle
stuck in traffic, grocery shopping with the kids, endless changes at work?
After my heart attacks, I couldn't leave the house without a bottle of this gorgeous essential oil blend! It literally was my security blanket- I had a bottle in my pocket, in my car and in my purse.....just in case. 

It is the perfect blend of tropical and citrus, and uniquely relaxing and comforting. This natural solution was created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life

It helped me heal emotionally and face the world again!

Chronic stress buster

Do you have chronic stress? Your adrenals need some love.
I use this so much I have a roller top on the bottle!!! Combining a base of sesame seed oil, spearmint (Mentha spicata), sage (Salvia officinalis), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), myrtle (Myrtus communis), nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), and German chamomile (Matriciaria recutita), this powerful blend gives your adrenal glands and thyroid the love they need!!

The Mood Supplement
because stress drains the B right out of you
Ever get sick after a period of intense stress??? Well when you body is stressed, your immune system and your nervous system can be impacted!

A strong nervous system is key to fighting off the effects of stress on the mind and body and you know what your immune system brings to the table.....

B vitamins support both the nervous system and the immune system but they are depleted daily. 

This is why Super B is a must have on your daily stress protection regime!

taking the Pause
when peri, menopause and post are staring you right in the cycle
Menopause Tamer, Hot Flash Extinguisher, Sleep Supporter
taking the miserable out of menopause
Trouble sleeping? Stress and menopause ganging up on you? Well, this miracle in a bottle will help you manage both! 

It has helped me sleep SO much better, got me through the final gasps of menopausal tempature fluctuations and into post-menopause with a healthier outlook!

Progessence Phyto Plus contains a high quality wild yam extract optimally blended with vitex oil and essential oils. The first ever skin serum of its kind on the market, this essential oil-infused product enhances moisture absorption and contains pure frankincense, bergamot, and peppermint essential oils.

Serenity now.....
enhances relaxation and makes you feel calm -- what more can we ask?
A  must for all women, Clary Sage has an herbaceous aroma that is believed to create a calm environment. It's mellow and warm scent is uplifting and relaxing.
In Aromatherapy can be used topically or inhaled:
  • to relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises & burns.
  • to act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation.
  • to help relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis.
  • to help relieve headache.
  • when experiencing digestive discomfort can act as a carminative and antispasmodic.
  • to reduce the symptoms of cold & cough

Mega bonus, Megacal
so many supports so little overwhelm
Bones, brain, heart, libido -- calcium, magnesium and zinc are your go tos......

MegaCal is a calcium supplement that boasts 210 mg of both calcium and magnesium in every teaspoon. This delicious powdered drink mix, which gets its bright flavor from Lemon and Lime premium essential oils, makes it easy for your body to absorb the calcium, so you can enjoy the full benefits.
MegaCal’s unique formula provides essential nutrients to support bone health, vascular health, and normal nerve function.*

Hair, Skin, and Nails
making the outside as healthy as the inside

My Desert Island Drink
this is my daily full body nutrient infusion
If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing to keep me healthy -- THIS would be my choice. 

2 oz a day of this whole Ningxia wolfberry puree and a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices; natural stevia, grape seed, and pure vanilla extracts; and orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils provides a whole-body nutrient infusion. 

My immune system, my skin and hair all benefit from the incredibly high antioxidant rating. Antioxidants make for an unfriendly environment for free radicals.

Free radicals are reactive molecules that can cause cell damage, and exposure comes from daily living, including things like your body breaking down food, time in the sun, and pollution.

Beauty from the inside out
ravishing hair, youthful skin, and strong nails with 1 scoop a day
After 6 weeks I was blown away by my own results! Spoiler alert -- I was SO skeptical that this would help.....but my before/after photos had me reeling. 

I look more "awake" looking, have less of a turkey neck, and surprisingly bruise less often - even though I am on blood thiners!!! This was HUGE bonus for me. 

Inner Beauty works on hair, skin, nails and gut lining providing Type 1 Marine collagen in a highly absorbable form. And while made from fish products, it has no taste or smell! Thanks Young Living scientists!!!

Zymes of Glory
how something so elemental brings out the beauty
Sulfurzyme contains MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day. 

Sulfurzyme® helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and is a source of antioxidants that help protect the cells against free radicals. It is also referred to as the "beauty mineral" for its ability to enhance the thickness and strength of hair and nails! 

And there are those crazy antioxidants again (see also Ningxia Red) helping our entire body fight off the effects of free radical damage!

Healthy Body
making sure you get the nutrients you need on the daily

Brains and Heart
a cognitive and cardiovascular cheerleader
MindWise uses a combination of fruit juices and extracts, turmeric, and premium essential oils such as Lemon, Peppermint, Fennel, Anise, and Lime to create a heart and brain function supplement with a taste you’ll love. 
With generous amounts of vitamin D3, this premium supplement is equipped to support normal brain function and overall cognitive and cardiovascular health.*
It contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, incudes GPC, ALCAR, and bioidentical CoQ10, all studied for their beneficial properties

And if you, like me, are on a statin, Mindwise supports heart health by replenishing the body with CoQ10 -- something that is depleted by statins!!!

Also helps with "Brain Fog"

The Master of all Multi's
making supplement taking easy
If you are taking an off the shelf multi-vitamin you are most likely throwing away your money. Not designed for full absorption, you are getting about 30% of the vitamins listed on the label. Wouldn't you rather have 80% absorption?

Master Formula is a full spectrum, multi-vitamin and multi-mineral complex that helps support general health and well-being. By utilizing a Synergistic Suspension Isolation process – SSI Technology – ingredients are delivered in three distinct delivery forms, each chosen for their complimentary properties. Collectively, these ingredients provide a premium, synergistic complex to support your body.

One convenient packet per day, this super multi-vitamin multi-mineral support makes it easy to remember, easy to take and easy to transport your daily health boost.
Essentially zymed
making sure you are getting all the nutrition out of everything you eat
Tired of feeling bloated? are you uncomfortable after eating? Are you constantly feeling hungry? You might need a digestive enzyme!

As careful as we try to be, it’s easy to overindulge in the wrong foods, especially during holiday periods or if you have a busy social calendar. Help maintain the health of your digestive system with Essentialzymes-4. 

This multi-spectrum enzyme complex is specially formulated to aid the critically needed digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates commonly found in the modern processed diet. The dual time-release technology releases the animal- and plant-based enzymes at separate times within the digestive tract, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.

Healthy Home
Naturally clean and naturally healthy
Prince of Cleaning
let Thieves make your home clean and safe
This Thieves can do it all!!! 

Gain peace of mind by using only plant-based and naturally derived ingredients to effectively clean your home without taking synthetic shortcuts or using potentially harsh ingredients. 

Ultra-concentrated and non-abrasive, Thieves Household Cleaner is perfect for just about any surface and is infused with Young Living's signature Thieves premium essential oil blend to fill your home with a rich, spicy aroma.

It is the ONLY cleaning product I use and I use it around my grandson and our pets -- we often have puppies and I use it to clean their area safely and effectively. 

One 64oz bottle lasts me almost a year -- it is THAT concentrated!

What you put next to your skin matters
ditch the harmful chemicals 
Think about it!!! What you wear brings with it all the products used to get it clean and your skin absorbs them all!!!

Designed to be powerful and efficient, this concentrated 32-ounce bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap can clean up to 64 loads of laundry. Harnessing the power of stain-fighting enzymes and our signature Thieves premium essential oil blend, the plant-based formula of Thieves Laundry Soap is a straightforward clean with no surprises and no synthetics.

Don't wrap yourself in harmful chemicals -- clean laundry doesn't have to be dangerous!

Doer of Dishes
what are your hands soaking in?
Just consider how long every day your hands are in and out of water filled with dish soap. What is in that soap and is it good for you???

With naturally derived, grease-cutting ingredients, the fresh, citrus scent of Jade Lemon™, Bergamot and our signature Thieves premium essential oil blend, Thieves Dish Soap is a simple addition to your clean-living lifestyle. Free of the typical sulfates, dyes and synthetics found in many dish soaps, Thieves Dish Soap's plant-based formula leaves no harsh chemical residues. The gentle but powerful formula prevents over-drying of skin and will leave your dishes sparkling clean.

Safe for Septic fields, RV plumbing systems, and human skin!

The Simplified Collections
The Simple Way to Infuse Your Life
Simplified Spring
Let the smells of Spring fill your home
Fresh Linen™, Spring Rain™, and Tranquil Forest™ essential oil blends’ captivating aromas capture the hope of renewal and growth that symbolizes the season. Invite spring into your home with the Simplified by Jacob + Kait Spring Collection. 
  • Contents:  
  • Three 10ml essential oil blends: 
  • Fresh Linen essential oil blend 
  • Spring Rain essential oil blend 
  • Tranquil Forest essential oil blend 

Simplified Winter
create a wonderland indoors
                   The Simplified by Jacob + Kait™ line features essential oil blends created just for the smell of it. Brought to you by Jacob and Kaitlyn Young in partnership with the D. Gary Young Research Institute, the Winter Collection comes with three limited-time scents for the most wonderful time of year. Between giving gifts, gathering with loved ones and creating all the magic moments in between, make the most of this glowing season with Winter Spa™, Pink Champagne™ and Candy Cane™ essential oil blends.  

While many holiday-scented candles and air fresheners contain harmful chemicals that can pollute your home, these winter essential oil blends are made exclusively with good, clean, sustainably sourced and naturally derived ingredients.

Snag all three festive scents today!

  • Contents:
  • Winter Spa™ essential oil blend, 10 ml 
  • Pink Champagne™ essential oil blend, 10 ml 
  • Candy Cane™ essential oil blend, 10 ml