10 Things My Second Heart Attack Taught Me - #5 Healing takes as long mentally as physically
Healing takes as long mentally as physically and maybe longer. Take your time. 

There is pressure, when you have had a life altering health crisis, to try to heal as quickly as possible so life can "get back to normal" . You will likely strive for that goal as much as external forces will suggest that is the best route to go.

But I am here to tell you that normal will no longer exist for you. You will question everything in your world -- every situation, every belief, every choice you have ever made. 

The world will feel full of quick sand -- traps seeking to swallow you up, clogging down your steps forward and you may find yourself struggling to make even the simplest of decisions. 

You may question why your body abandoned you......why it betrayed you by getting sick. 

But the harshest of realizations is that you abandoned your body a long time ago. Every indecision and status quo situation lead you to this moment.

You will sit in your disbelief, your grief and your anger for a while ....and there will be more pressure (from inside you and from outside of you) to get back to normal.....but emotionally you won't be ready.

Your body, amazing creation that it is, will remarkably heal -- often without a lot of effort by you -- sleep is your friend. But your emotions will stay rattled, volatile and petulant for a lot longer than your body stays broken. Fractured emotions are the angry child demanding attention -- and I am here to say that you need to give them the attention they tantrum for.

There won't be any "back to normal" but there can be "new and improved" if you heal your emotions alongside of your body. 

Grieving is an amazing process, full of surprising shifts, sudden dam breaks, and a long time quietness that people will question. Don't rush it.   The healing is worth the time and effort. 

Take whatever time you need.

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