Gettin' Real
Well if there is one way to really 'get real' about a goal, it is to let the world know about it. So here goes.
This new blog and this new webpage is my declaration to the Universe that this is my path. That I am venturing out into the Wellness industry with a confidence in the products I have chosen and the skills I am offering. 

So let me tell you about myself -- it is a bit of a winding path. 

I have been many things during my working life -- Professional Fundraiser, Career Counsellor, Entrepreneur, Executive Director, Project Manager, Education Supports and ultimately the Site Director of a Community Hospital. My education has encompassed a good Liberal arts Foundation, Rehabilitation and Disability, and Policy formally and tons of leadership training more informally. I have loved every minute of my career journey. 

I find myself at a crossroads, where my focus needs to change to support my continued health recovery - a stress-induced heart attack at 54 years old really smacks you in the face and says "listen up"

During my recovery not only have I noticed and begun to address my holistic wellness but I have been given the gift of distance to watch from outside the worklife of my colleague and friends. I can see that many of them are on the same path I was and I want to disrupt that. I want people to have the tools to better manage their stress, better manage unrealistic expectations around what is possible in a day, and to genuinely recover the joy that can be found in a fulfilling day. I also want them to have that questioning voice when what you tell yourself isn't exactly the truth.

So here we are. I am telling the Universe my intention and reaching out into the world. My gift back from my recovery is a belief in the healing powers of essential oils, a commitment to a more balanced life which includes meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and passion. - and an immense desire to help others find the same balance.

I know that there is a different path no matter what forest we find ourselves in.

Come walk with me. 


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  1. Bold and vulnerable; thanks for sharing Chris. May you be well on this hopeful journey of restoration, healing and new adventures - and ventures :)

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