We have all the power in the world to design our lives

                                                            John Lee Dumas
 Are you a mid-level healthcare leader seeking more
balance for your life and work.

Do you need ongoing connection?

Do you seek accountability structures?

Leadership YOU!
is your 
Support and Accountability Community

Our Mission
The mission of New Wellness Perspective is to provide holistic, calm, and integrative wellness solutions. We have a special place in our hearts for healthcare workers, particularly the mid-level leaders who are the implementers, the innovators, and the connection for patients, families and staff. Yours is a career with heart but often the cost is high for this heart-lead work. 

We have developed an entire program to support your overall wellness, your balance and to help you regain your sense of purpose and passion. 

You have done the courses and made HUGE strides in balancing your life and work. You are feeling better, more rested, more positive. And you WANT MORE!

You WANT to belong to a supportive community who just GETS YOU!

You WANT accountability partners to help when you feel yourself slipping back to your old habits (those pesky habits do love to stick around!!)

You WANT to support other people in the same situation and share all that you have learned in your wellness journey.

LEADERSHIP REHAB is the community for you!

 Leadership YOU!
This online support and accountability community provides:

Online community of people working in similar situations

Monthly Zoom Meetings with a topic of the month

Access to Early-Bird and Beta Course pricing on new programs

Chance to support others in their wellness journey


Accountability Cohorts help to keep you on track

Set your Intentions and Share in a Safe and Supportive Environment

Acknowledge this is a work in progress and have a community to share your successes

Founding Member Membership
 $47 a month 

Less than the price of a daily Starbuck's Latte
Reset Your Wellness
Reboot Your Leadership