Start Strong!
Your First Week Sets the Tone for the Change

It Always Helps to Have a Buddy!
Do you struggle to start a new daily habit even when you really want it?

"I forgot it"
"I don't have time"
"This just isn't fitting in"
"I don't think it is working"

These are just some of the things women tell me when I ask how their new wellness routine is going. 

And this is the FIRST week of them trying!!!!

HEY! I get it!!! We all want new habits to be easy but the truth is they aren't

We struggle to get consistent with something new because our normal way of being is SO ingrained in us. We are on AUTOPILOT

But autopilot can lead to crashes and THAT is why having a habit reminder in the first week of trying something new can be SO helpful

What is a Habit Buddy?

A habit buddy is a daily text message reminder during your first week of trying out new Young Living wellness products that helps you get and stay consistent in the new practice. 

Early every morning for your first 7 days of having the product, you will recieve and uplifting and happy reminder to incorporate your new products in your day. 

Whether it is a new supplement you are trying, or a relaxation plan with essential oils, or even switching out the harmful chemical products in your home for Thieves, this Buddy will pop in to your life and help you get that new first week under your belt.

And Habit Buddy is FREE for new and re-activating Young Living Members during Black Friday 2023. Just place your order for 100PV or more (regular or loyalty) and get enrolled in Habit Buddy!


For more Information about Habit Buddy
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