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Meet Christina Rozema

I bought my first essential oils starter kit from Young Living in 2017. I was in a busy, head Leadership  position at my local hospital — very stressful and I loved it. I didn’t use the kit much — the occasional diffusing when I struggled  to relax.  Then in 2020 - amidst the first phase of COVID — I had a stress-induced heart attack. My body was done with the relentless stress and I was not listening so it sent me a message I could not ignore.

Once home from hospital,  I set out to learn how to relax, deal with stress, heal my body and put myself first. I opened my dusty starter kit and started researching which oils I needed and  best to use them.  I began a daily meditation practice to begin to retrain my body and a mindset shift practice to reframe my experience —putting me back in control of my reality and at the same time teaching me to surrender the outcomes.  My oils were the key to giving me a new wellness perspective. 

With this new wellness perspective, I have begun telling my story to stressed out women everywhere in the hopes that they can avoid the path I walked. Once we learn to love and list to our bodies, even in the most stressful of lives, we become infinitely aware of how our thoughts and beliefs, our work ethic, and our dreams can help us live a life of wellness and happiness without the hustle and anxiety of the modern world. 

Join me in walking this path. 



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